Castello Goals

Our main goal is to provide our customers with an appetizing cultural experience. We believe that food is beyond taste and fulfillment….It is about Heritage. We thrive in exploring different cultures and partnering with the best chefs around the globe.

There are officially so many tremendous number of food recipes which is deeply embedded in our food and we welcome you to experience these by picking out a well prepared meal. How often do you wish you had the means to personally experience some amazing foods, the “land of contrasts”? Well, here is a tasty start! you are guaranteed satisfaction from all regions.

The live band at Castello Bar is full of the people who have braved the steamy Washington DC air all day settle on for a relaxing evening. As night descends, customers are anticipating the live band. Castello always keep the energy flowing.  The live band is a modern sound, driven and impulsive.

The bar is full of creative cocktail and beers.

Our food is straight from the market, cooked and served fresh. Our chicken wings on the other hand are not frozen but fresh.


Our mission is simply! Deliver well-packaged, well-insulated food to new and pre-existing customers. The idea of using an E-commerce site to seamlessly manage an efficient and timely delivery service creates an advantage for our clients and convenience to our customers. We strongly believe in using the following strengths to satisfy our customer’s demand as well as taste:

  • Flavorsome food choices
  • An easily navigable site
  • Timely deliveries made 7 days/week
  • Extended delivery distance.